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Satoyama Jujo

Minami-uonuma, Niigata

Relax in luxury as you experience 
10 stories of 
a mountain village 
from breathtaking natural beauty and 
snow country architecture 
to the traditional 
culinary culture of Niigata.

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Satoyama Jujo

Uonuma, Niigata

Satoyama Jujo: The House is a project that aims to preserve as many
old private residences as possible—houses that would have otherwise
been torn down—for future generations.
Each house is a 10 to 30-minute drive from Satoyama Jujo.
We renovate old private residences scattered throughout the
Uonuma region and turn them into suite-style hotel rooms that are
only available for one group per night.
Come enjoy a unique experience in total privacy.

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Matsumoto Jujo

Matsumoto, Nagano

A hotel designed to accommodate guests 
of all ages. 
Enjoy myriad stimulating 
experiences that run the gamut 
history, literature, and music to art, 
and gastronomy.

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Hakone Honbako

Hakone, Kanagawa

Get away from the city and lose 
yourself in a book. 
Hakone Honbako is 
an immersive book-themed hotel 
proposes new and different lifestyles 
to its guests.

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KOO Otsuhyakucho

Otsu, Shiga

Situated in several machiya townhouses in 
a shopping 
arcade in Otsu, once the largest 
stopover on the storied 
Tokkaido Road. 
Enjoy updated traditional architecture 
easy access to dining and shopping.

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Silver Mountain Lodge

Ginzandaira, Niigata

Set in 'Ginzandaira', an unexplored area where 
magnificent nature and a traditional 
winter hunters culture called Matagi, 
to an inn that is "close to nature" 
like never before.

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